Maerdy Communities Will Always Come First For Us!

Hello There, Fellow Maerdian!

Welsh communities are known for their outstanding resilience and resourcefulness when it comes to making livelihoods thrive and grow. For the village of Maerdy, work is more than just function. It’s a passion to succeed and to introduce the values and culture Maerdy has with the rest of the nation, and even the entire world.

We’re Actually One Of The Best Tourist Spots in the Country!

We owe it all to our rich culture, our peaceful sanctuary of a community and our very bright and colourful history.

Truth be told, our technology and businesses may be for the 21st century, but our appeal to the outside world is something that is cherished and preserved.

With our structures and hotels that appear to have come from the 17th to 18th century, we are actually a living, organic museum that tourists would flock to know more about Wales and its part in the history of the United Kingdom.

Through Our History, We Will Create The Future

Our team of Wales-based online marketers may have come from different British areas, but we share one thing in common: we fell in love with Maerdy the first time we saw it. And so, we want to make businesses in this community thrive and become successful.

Why Us?

Maerdy Communities First is an Internet and offline marketing and advertising company made up of ten veterans from respective companies and industries. From print ad, radio and television advertising, to more modern trends in smartphone and mobile advertising, social network presence and branding development, SEO and web analytics, we strive to give your business the biggest presence and noise throughout this community, and the United Kingdom.

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